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I lost my love – every relationship has a time line

Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote “T’is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” I remember the first time in my life when “I lost my love”, I thought, like many people in this situation, that my world had come to an abrupt end.

We all must not forget that all relationships have a normal time span. My first affair lasted just a few years ago. I was at college and head over heals in love, or so I thought at the time.

As our life advances, so does the length of the relationship. In the majority of cases, each of will have one main love affair; the others will come and go. For this reason we can consider it normal that a relationship has a natural time span.

I had just started working and my then girlfriend and I decided to live together. The lease on her apartment expired and it seemed ridiculous to continue living apart and continuing to pay two rents, so one day she moved in with me. But I found it difficult to accept her coming in and taking over things as she did. My work took me away from home very often and she could not accept my repeated absences. For my part, I didn’t feel ready to commit myself fully with her. After a few months she left me and we split up.

I have no regrets about the time we were together. I look back and realize that she would never have been the main love of my life. I was happy in her company and I still have a considerable affection for her. “I lost my love because I could not see myself committing myself to spending the rest of my life with her. Now I look back and realize I was not ready for such a commitment.

After the split up I was sad, but as I was traveling a lot with my work and I didn’t have the time to spend “crying over the spilt milk!” I was upset when she said she was leaving, and I understand that she was upset by the way I had behaved.

I didn’t want to lose her; I suppose that I would have been happy for things to continue as before. “Every relationship has a time line;” they grow or die and I decided to let mine die. And so”I lost my love.”

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This was my friend story, I had one.

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