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At a Glance

Love you at the first glance...I wanted to share about all the things in this world, I hope this blog is useful for the visitors. Let's share about everything friends. This blog is dedicated for my lasting love... Welduline, you always on my mind.

Check this out.....

Is your heart filled with pain? Shall I come back again? Tell me dear are you lonesome tonight?

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I got Award

Finally I got Award about a week ago from my friend called Cah Ndeso. He gave me this award cause I answered his questions correctly. Cah Ndeso writes his blog with Javanese language. Thanks to you bro alias Matur Suwun.

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  1. Bunga mengatakan...

    pertamaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx kali

  2. ajeng mengatakan...

    Hujan award emang melanda dimana-mana. Selamat buat yach..Keep happy blogging aja.

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